Fast lane to an investment

1.    You send us your business plan
2.    We give feedback within 2 working days and arrange a first meeting if we  want to know more
3.    During the first meeting:

  1. a.    You present your plans
    b.    We tell you what we could offer you
    c.    You inform us about your ideas of the valuation of your company
    d.    We explain you our general approach for investment (Term Sheet)

4.    If we all want to continue we arrange an appointment for our SweatShop:

  1. a.    We invite a few trusted experts in your area of business
    b.    You present your plans and discuss it in-depth with the team of experts
    c.    After this meeting we will decide if we want to continue or not

5.    We start arranging the closing of the deal:

  1. a.    Due-diligence
    b.    Final term-sheet
    c.    Signing
    d.    Funding
    e.    Start of regular meetings for support

The whole process will take no more than 2 months.
If you have an interesting plan and you are looking for seed capital
contact us or submit your business plan here.


Guido Vervelde
(mobile +31 6 53316807)

Cok Mudde
(mobile +31 6 51096066)