Current Portfolio (Netherland & Germany)

In a joint investment with Deutsche Telekom Investment Fund, Linden Mobile Ventures has provided the seed capital for Vigour was founded in 2012 by Jim de Beer, Marcus Besjes and Ramon Duivenvoorden and was selected to participate at the StartupBootCamp 2012 event in Berlin. Vigour developes a platform that enables applications to run on any device, converging their interfaces into one fluid experience over the cloud. Using that technology, Vigour is creating revolutionary products and user experiences.


Surfly_logo_big_RGB-300Surfly (Netherlands)

Surfly has developed a cutting edge co-browsing solution. Without the need to install local software, a user’s webbrowsing session can be shared with a customer support agent. Co-browsing offers Internet retailers an extremely easy way to provide customer support or technical support staff a powerful tool to assist users of web based applications.

Surfly was founded in 2012 by Nicholas Piël and Denis Bilenko. Linden Mobile Ventures provided the seed capital to establish the company, build an international team of highly skilled developers and finalize the initial product development. LindenMobileVentures currently advises Surfly on starting an extensive, international marketing campaign.


Linden Mobile

LindenMobile (Netherlands)

LindenMobile provides resources for mobile Internet and apps to its customers in the Netherlands. Ranging from tailor made solutions to Internet and mobile marketing. Linden Mobile was founded in 2012 by Gerbert Jan Valk with backing from Linden Mobile Ventures. (USA)
shelf logo

Shelf is changing the way people think about ownership. The average US household has $7,000 worth of unused items sitting around. Imagine if interested people could offer you money for those items, without you lifting a finger.

Shelf allows you to get offers for your stuff. No selling, no hassles.

We’ve designed a 1-click sign-up process to automatically import your products using the email receipts you receive from your favorite stores. Sign up with your email account, review your purchases, and get offers for the valuable stuff you own. Just say yes, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Beepi (USA)beepi logo

We’re building a Beepin’ great end-to-end experience for buying and selling pre-owned cars. We connect buyers and sellers, in an organized, efficient and safe environment.

Sellers sign up their car to see the price we’ll sell it for, and we take it from there. We conduct a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection, take great photos and find you a buyer. Simply tell us when we can come inspect, and when we can come pick it up to deliver it to the buyer. We even take care of transferring the title, with none of the hassle of negotiations.

To make sure buyers love their car, we offer a 10-day, no questions asked return policy. But sellers, don’t worry. Once you’ve sold your car, it’s sold. We take it back ourselves, and the money is yours to keep.

And because we have no salespeople to pay or huge lots and showrooms to maintain, we guarantee that sellers get more and buyers pay less than at any dealer. That win/win combination is something we proudly call a “Beepin’ miracle.” (USA)soothe logo

Massage Delivered To You: Soothe mobile app delivers relaxation on demand. Growing fast – 100% increase in mobile app bookings in past 60 days.

Soothe delivers hand-picked, background checked, certified & insured massage therapists to your home, office, or event space in 1 hour. You can also book in advance. No need to tip.

Soothe is creating value in a fragmented market by connecting the best massage therapists with customers. We manage client relationships, manage therapists schedules, and let the therapists do what they do best: Soothe you.

Therapists earn more money and improve the quality of their lives by allowing them to create their own schedule. The positive response has been overwhelming from eager therapists and relaxed clients, alike. (USA)contactually logo

Contactually is a CRM you’ll actually want to use. It’s designed to help you and your team generate more business from your existing network of relationships by organizing, automating, and improving your everyday communication. Contactually ensures that none of your important relationships slip through the cracks.

How? Contactually aggregates, cleans, and merges contacts from all your major communication channels (email, calendars, social networks, phone calls) and then ensures that you stay connected to them over time.

Contactually gives you customizable template tools to help you write personalized follow-ups more quickly, along with handy tools for managing introductions, sharing articles, and more. It can even help you reach out to people automatically or track the progress of different business deals associated with your contacts.

Contactually is available wherever you need it: a fully-featured web app, plugins for Gmail or Outlook, iOS and Android apps, and an open API. (USA)

MD Insider is a technology healthcare company that uses the power of big data to significantly reduce healthcare costs for self-insured employers. Our mission is to provide Physician Performance Transparency in the areas of experience, quality and cost. We bring employers an easy to use, integrated healthcare solution that empowers their employees with the critical facts they need to make truly informed decisions about doctors.

We have created a proprietary database with performance data on over 850,000 physicians, allowing us to provide critical performance details that employers and employees want to know about physicians, including the number of procedures each physician has done over the past 36 months, total cost per procedure/treatment, procedure outcomes, and more.

The results – significant cost-savings for employers and a set of the highest quality, most effective doctors in our client’s provider networks, precisely matched to their employees needs. (USA)ubiome logo

Founded by UCSF scientists and Stanford and Cambridge technologists, our mission is using big data to understand the human microbiome. We’re all covered in trillions of bacteria. We help consumers and organizations understand what they are and what they do. We’re using tools like machine learning, bioinformatics, crowdsourcing, Illumina Hi-Seq, and robots.

uBiome addresses a massive need: dozens of conditions are correlated with the human microbiome (asthma, diabetes, irritable bowel, heart disease, etc.). We are the first and only big data company focused on the microbiome.

Our product accomplishes two goals: 1) allowing consumers access to their microbiome to learn about their bodies, perform experiments, and see how current studies apply to them 2) allowing organizations to learn about the microbiome at scale. (USA)skykick logo

SkyKick delivers a new type of application that makes it fast, safe, and easy for IT Solution Providers to move their customers to the cloud. Our award-winning SMB and Enterprise Migration Suites consist of four cloud-based products that work together to help partners automate and seamlessly plan, move, set up, and manage their customer’s migration to Office 365. (USA)

GrovelabdsWe’re a team from MIT empowering people with tools to easily grow their own fruits, vegetables, and herbs right in their homes, year round. Home farming furniture and appliances will become as ubiquitous as refrigerators, and will help to offset current globally unsustainable agricultural practices. We imagine a future where families grow 10-30% of their own food with floor to ceiling growing appliances in entire rooms in their homes which they refer to as their “Groves”.

We love products and services that help people live happier, more sustainable lives. We build beautiful furniture that grows fresh food all day, every day. LED lights mimic the sun while a growing technique and philosophy called aquaponics delivers plentiful water and nutrients to your plants. While we are building an incredible product, we support the entire growing revolution — other companies, all of our customers, and the newcomers. Join the Growing Revolution! (USA)vouch financial logo

Vouch was founded in 2013 by an ex-PayPal and Prosper team to make credit available to subprime and near-prime borrowers who are more creditworthy than their FICO score would indicate.

Vouch’s patent-pending credit underwriting methodology combines rigorous data-driven underwriting with mobile/social app design to create a unique credit enhancement service for low-FICO borrowers.

The company is backed by prominent venture capitalists who have been active investors in consumer financial services: First Round Capital, Greylock, and IDG Ventures. (USA)orion labs logo

Onyx is the first wearable of its kind, putting the power of group communication at your fingertips in a small, stylish device. Collaborate beautifully anywhere you have a data connection – across the street or around the world. For discrete conversations, Onyx works with your headphones and mic.

Onyx delivers instant group communication anywhere. Create, manage and communicate with groups, with no geographical limits. See the position of everyone in your groups and their status. Access advanced group management features on Android or iOS.

Onyx pairs with the Orion app on your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth, which connects to our a platform. Messages are delivered through our servers in realtime regardless of the carrier you’re using, allowing you to keep in touch anywhere you have cellular data or access to wi-fi. (USA)sapho-logo

Sapho is an enterprise application infrastructure company. Our software delivers actionable enterprise events and information using the push notification and personalized stream metaphor that consumers have come to expect on mobile devices. We make accessing and acting on business insight and information as easy as using Facebook and Twitter.

Sapho’s solution enables enterprises to extract maximum value from their software investments. Our consumer-easy app development tools and middleware help customers build secure single purpose apps. These apps leverage existing on-premise or virtual private cloud systems while integrating with current security infrastructure. Sapho was built by a CIO for CIO’s so it is easy to use, secure, flexible and economical. (USA)meetinghero logo

MeetingHero is a web & mobile app that makes it easy for teams to have productive, engaging meetings (USA)

Datanyze is the sales prospecting tool powered by technology data. By crawling millions websites each day, we help businesses like Marketo, KISSmetrics and Fastly understand not only who is using their competitors’ software, but also when they started or stopped using it.

Through the web app, chrome extension and a direct integration with, Datanyze provides the most accurate and up-to-date information on the technologies any website is using, giving its customers a competitive advantage for customer acquisition and retention. (USA)

Bonafide is a trust and reputation platform for Bitcoin. Users attach their identity and peer ratings to bitcoin addresses and transactions while remaining anonymous, if desired. We have had excellent success reaching the Bitcoin community with Bonafide users in more than 100 countries.

Businesses can use Bonafide to build reputation using Bitcoin.

Users can use Bonafide to confirm addresses and make certain they are transacting with reputable bitcoin users. (USA)gocoin logo

GoCoin is an international payments platform enabling merchants to accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and other emerging digital currencies as a form of payment at checkout. As of 8/8/2014, GoCoin has been first to market to release Bitcoin invoices over SMS enabling easy account top-ups for telecom and player accounts. (USA)partender logo

Partender is a business tool that reduces the time it takes owners & managers to do bar inventory from a frustrating 6-24 hours to 15 minutes. We do this by digitizing the crazy, archaic paper-pen-clipboard process into a few taps and swipes on iOS. As a result, you can inventory as often as every day/shift to control your bar, catch and eliminate the industry-average 23% shrinkage (inventory loss due to over-pouring, theft, wastage, etc.), and put that money right back in your pocket.

On average, our 99.2%-accurate system adds $4,000 in the first week of implementation, saves $1,200-$5,000/mo thereafter, and improves bottom lines by whole percentages.

After every inventory, Partender instantly emails you your Purchase Orders in MS Excel, which you can forward to your reps and be done with inventory AND ordering in 15 mins.

Cloud-based data analytics online show you what’s selling the best/worst, what your dead stock is, and what you’re low on, so you never run dry and miss a sale. (USA)hd_logo

HD Trade Services is backed by @YCombinator (Summer 2012). We link consumers with suppliers and offer the lowest priced products in the market. We solve inefficiencies in the supply chain and automate manual processes to create a scalable link between consumers and suppliers. We pass on our volume benefits to the consumer to keep driving prices down. We sell products on major marketplaces. (USA)appvance logo

Proven Technology a Must-Have for Major Brands to Launch High Performing Mobile & Web Apps

Our Automated Scalability Test Platform is disruptive in a $13B market

Appvance drives scalability of apps through deep discovery and diagnosis of bottlenecks and security issues.
We uniquely drive apps through the actual user interface simulating millions of users from the cloud.

Started in Oct 2012, we developed a world-class software platform which diagnoses code and architecture issues in mobile/web apps, for functionality, scalability, security and performance. Available as enterprise software, cloud-based services, or Technology as a Service

Simply: Our advanced technology road-tests apps at scale before deployment (USA)prenav logo

PreNav develops next-gen hardware and software for drones (multi-copters). We enable precise navigation in complex environments, e.g. near-ground, indoors, or around structures, while avoiding obstacles like trees and buildings.

PreNav unlocks new uses for drones by offering automated, repeatable flight paths. A few of the applications include:
* Motion control for aerial cinematographers
* Inspections of structures like smokestacks, solar panels, and wind turbines
* Navigation of the last 50 meters in urban/suburban environments for landing, delivery, and recharging
* And many more applications where the mission can’t be trusted to a human pilot or GPS (USA)

Videopixie is a marketplace for video production. Businesses use Videopixie to make web shows, animated explainers, promotional videos, online courses and much more. There are 700+ video production professionals on videopixie, including videographers, editors, animators and motion graphics specialists. Videopixie makes it easy to find professionals, get bids, move large files, iterate and pay — for this we charge a 10% fee. We bring high-quality video production to companies who don’t have the time or budget to engage a full-service agency.

We are backed by Y Combinator, YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim, Dave McClure @ 500 Startups, the founders of Zencoder, and many other great angels! (USA)zymergen logo

With unparalleled scale in laboratory automation and computation, Zymergen builds and optimizes the microbes that serve as cellular factories in the $100B+ industrial biotech sector. Zymergen’s products — optimized cellular factories — drop directly into our customers’ existing bio-manufacturing workflows for immediate impact on their bottom line without additional investments in infrastructure and capital equipment.

Zymergen employs Radical Empiricism to design, generate, and optimize microbes by rewriting their DNA. Our approach combines biology, robotic automation, and proprietary computational and analytic methods to industrialize what to date has been a slow, risky, essentially artisanal process. A key element of our success is our ability to apply the latest in Big Data technology and machine learning techniques. As a result, we generate microbes that produce novel chemicals, advanced materials, and pharmaceuticals far faster and at lower costs than competing technology.